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Pointers for Hiring the Right Travel Agent

Although online booking engines have made it easier for anyone to purchase airline tickets or book hotel rooms, travel agents still offer a level of service and expertise that can never be matched by a search bot. When booking online, the website or engine is only aware of the data you input - nothing about what's best for you and the family. Additionally, travel agents may be able to offer special pricing or extras not accessible to the general public.

Below are the most important points to consider as you look for a good travel agent:

Direct Experience

- ask if your agent has actually been there, and if so, around when? Get more info on sydney travel agency. Websites and guidebooks give you a lot of details on a specific destination, they can't and never will measure up to firsthand experience.

Response Time

If waiting so long for a response to your emails makes you anxious, ask your prospective agent about availability and how quickly they can send in a response. Some of them do this part-time and are only around either at daytime or in the evening. Others do it full time, even during nighttime. It's certainly smart to check if your schedule aligns your agent's.


Agents offer different varying levels of service. There are those who only work by booking flights and accommodations, leaving you to handle the rest of the details. If you need them to book dinners or car rentals, ask them if they can help. Just remember, a good agent will always be willing to assist you with anything you need travel-related.

Certifications or Accreditation

Learning about an agent's training or certifications give you a vibe for the agent's professional abilities. Get more info on club med japan. You should also inquire about any seminars they attend in order to stay current in the business.


Some agents collect a flat fee, others a per-hour fee, and yet others a commission from hotels or airlines. You should also ask if there are booking fees or cancellation fees that must be paid. Note that with some agencies, you will not get many details unless you're willing to commit. If you find that uncomfortable, you're always free to look for other agencies that will help with no conditions.

While you ask an agent about their background and policies, you may find them throwing you questions as well. This could be a positive sign. It indicates that they are sincerely interested in your wants and needs, and in giving you a well-tailored experience. Learn more from

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